Who is Working for You?
Our COO is a Paralegal and a graduate with an engineering background from Texas A&M. He is a personal and organizational credit consultant. He has worked in credit reporting, written and implemented reporting policy, and trains others to understand and implement the process and edicts of the CRA’s. He has been involved in “shepardizing” numerous cases for the Credit Reporting Agency (TransUnion, Experian or Equifax) set for or actual litigation. He is as industry professional with a rich expertise in understanding and navigating the “In's–and–Out's" of the very complex laws of credit reporting, bankruptcy and credit repair/restoration.
Our CEO has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and is a certified paralegal. He was a Banker, A Federal Bank Examiner with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and A former Internal Revenue Service (IRS) employee. He has served as a credit consultant and credit organizational effectiveness consultant. A former field grade US Army Officer, and numerous years of executive level leadership in corporate America with emphasis in Sales, Marketing, Mergers & Acquisitions , for a variety of Fortune 100 Companies.